Geriatric Expertise/Generations

For clients with severe mental illness, aging occurs about 15 to 20 years earlier than the general population and can have a destabilizing and negative impact on the ability to manage a serious mental illness and maintain oneself in the community.

Supportive and therapeutic intervention services are provided for the psychological and emotional consequences of disorders related to the process of aging for clients with primary psychiatric illness getting day treatment services in the PHP or IOP programs. Geriatric services involve psychological and health assessment of the neuropsychiatric, adjustment, mental and nervous disorders associated with senior years.

Group and individual therapy sessions are geared to address the special needs of this population, which may involve assessment and or treatment of memory and neuropsychological dysfunctions, competency, depression, anxiety, or adjustment difficulties related to aging. Our geriatric psychiatrists evaluate and prescribe the most beneficial medications for this client population.