Rehabilitation Program

The rehabilitation program within the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient program represents a treatment philosophy that each client has the capacity to reach their full potential in terms of independence, productivity and life satisfaction in spite of suffering from a chronic mental illness. Many of the treatment activities in the program, eg, music, theater, dance, yoga and holiday celebrations, are geared to promote these themes. The treatment program emphasizes knowledge and skills that can help clients understand their illness, enhance illness management, improve coping, strengthen resilience and promote independence.

Specific activities are organized to accomplish these goals, such as, the Training Opportunities Program Series (TOPS). The TOPS program is intended to help the clients build skills, have an increased sense of purpose and belonging, and learn to manage symptoms while attending to clinic tasks or jobs, thus acting as a bridge to enter the community with more self confidence to become a volunteer or vocational rehab participant. This program helps clients learn to succeed with handling sustained regular responsibilities in the clinic while learning to control and cope with symptoms.